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Login & Security

Access the web app from anywhere through the internet

Customized Web Address (URL)

Secure Login

We adhere to the highest level of security protocols across our software solutions and regularly update our code to keep your data protected.


Listing, sorting, and filtering of data

Search by custom fields

User Experience Settings

Easily change the dashboard color, zebra striping, font sizes, and more!

Reports/Exports to Excel

Easily export the data you have filtered and sorted at the click of a button.

Scale Ticket Wizard

Consistent workflow — the wizard guides you through the steps of creating tickets

transparent wizard - Copy.png

Training time is shorter

Save time & money when bringing on new employees

"Within two weeks users are up to speed and highly functional with Stellar ScaleTech software versus six months on other software systems."

Invoice Wizard

Single record or batch invoicing.

Flexible on invoice timing (daily, periodic, job completion, etc.)

System automatically gathers and combines data into PDF.

Invoice PDFs include all scale tickets and manifests.

Automatic emailing to customers.

The wizard makes it easy to keep up with same-day invoicing.

Custom tax calculations for federal, state, and local requirements.

Reports & Exports

Use the dashboard sort, filter, and search options to export data to Excel spreadsheets.

Access to raw data through Excel exports.

Customized reports can be added just for you!

Customization Opportunities

Add specialized data fields & procedures.

Customize reports to fit your needs.

Add application modules.

Service & Support

Our reliable support team will work with you!


Data Conversion


Ongoing personal assistance during daily use and upgrades

Stellar's Adaptable Web App Framework

Once the StarBase Core Elements "Planet" is in place, the Modules "Moons" can be added as needed!

StarBase Core Elements


4 Module starbase.png



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