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Scale Tickets

       Effortlessly enter scale tickets with our user-friendly interface. Search, refine, and locate scale ticket records with historical data stored online, then save them to Microsoft Excel or PDF formats. The simplicity is remarkable and getting the hang of it is a breeze!


      Customize invoice intervals based on jobs or date ranges, fitting your customers' needs perfectly. Invoices are converted into PDF format, complete with related scale tickets. Stellar ScaleTech automatically emails invoices to customers. Plus enjoy the convenience of personalized tax calculations. Managing frequent invoicing has never been simpler! 

Scale Interface

       Automatically insert scale weights into each ticket and reduce human error. Record gross and tare weight readings as quick as possible to service customers efficiently. We interface with popular scale brands, so contact us today and see if your scale can connect to Stellar ScaleTech!

Payment Module

       Accept cash, credit, and check payments. Customers can even split their bill between multiple payments types. Offer further customer flexibility to pay on account or at the scale house window, and automatically generate End-of-Day reports!

Vehicle Tracking

       Save vehicle tare weights and automatically update them when you have the customer weigh out. Enjoy the flexibility of tracking individual vehicles and/or using general vehicle records. Whether you serve residential or commercial customers (or both!) Stellar ScaleTech can conveniently track and update data that speeds up your workflow.

Easy Input Wizards

       Navigate effortlessly with our easy input wizards for scale tickets, invoices, payments, and beyond! Enjoy a user-friendly experience with consistent steps for field input. Experience quicker training compared to competitors, ensuring you're up and running in no time.


       Generate End-of-Day reports, Invoice Listings, Tonnage Reports, Reconciliation Reports, and more. Access historical data records or use date-range filters to narrow your results. No more manual calculations! If you want to crunch the numbers yourself or need to access the raw data, export your it to Microsoft Excel in a single click.

Login & Security

       Access Stellar ScaleTech from anywhere with an internet connection. Enjoy a personalized web address (URL) for easy access, and rest assured with the highest level of security protocols in place. Log in through the Microsoft Identity Platform for added peace of mind.

Your data security and privacy is crucial, and we take cyber security seriously.


       Tailor your experience with specialized data fields and procedures. Craft reports to suit your unique requirements with ease. Expand functionality by adding application modules at your convenience, and personalize your user interface to make it just right for you.

We're committed to make Stellar ScaleTech the perfect scale house solution for you.

Service & Support

       We're here for you every step of the way! Count on us for software installation, smooth data conversion, user training, and continuous personalized support.

Core Elements

       Over the years we've engineered this framework to use in various Stellar applications. StarBase Core Elements is kept up-to-date and is heavily tested to ensure code integrity, performance, and security. It is Stellar's exclusive web app framework that allows for faster custom application builds and lower development costs!

Need Stellar ScaleTech or a custom web app? Let's talk!

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