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From Daily Users...

"Within two weeks, people are up to speed and highly functional with Stellar ScaleTech software versus six months on previous software."

"This new software platform has proven to be extremely user friendly, a key element in overall time saving efforts!" 

Many features (like being able to search and sort data from our customized dashboard) has dramatically improved accuracy for tracking customers, loads, and tickets.

"Stellar ScaleTech support and customer service has been exceptional with quick response times."

"Settings within the software platform are unique and customizable for each user based on their role within the organization."

"Software data security is critical in every operation, and Stellar ScaleTech provides many levels of security precisely where you need it."

"Flexible on invoice timing (daily, periodic, job completion, etc.)."

From the accountants...

"System is flexible for different customer waste streams." 

"Can summarize waste types by coding in the Materials & Services lookup table."

"Simplifies regulatory reporting with custom categorization of waste streams."

"Analytical tool to make Sales and Business Development (BD) teams stronger and more effective."

"The data-set conversion from our previous scale software into Stellar ScaleTech was impressive and efficient."

"Increases employee efficiency on entry level tasks enough to reduce staffing."

"Being able to find and correct cross period accounting errors is much easier on this system than the old system."

"Easier to work with on cross system functionality. Export daily invoicing into the accounting system with minor processing."

"Audit trail and correction of invoices with data errors is cleaner and simpler from Scale House to Accounting."

"Reconciling the past isn't necessary."

"Flexibility in calculating Taxes and Fees by revenue stream."

"Access to raw data through Excel exports."

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